Monday, July 2, 2012

My baby is home!

My baby is home!!!

How lucky am I to get to wake up to this every morning! I could just watch her all day, I love her little noises and her little moves! She is such a good baby never cries just fusses. She melts my heart with her beady little eyes. Never really knew I could love something so much. Wes and I are truely blessed!
  • She wakes up every 2-3 hours and has alittle trouble staying awake while eatting.
  • She is an easy burper
  • Loves to lay on your chest and cuddle
  • Loves her Binkie
  • Wrinkles her little nose and snorts when she gets hungry
  • Already Smiling

June 28, Rivers  8lbs 6 oz 21 1/2 inches

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rivers debut

Right after the C-pap came off

After he first bath

Girl came in style

Daddy finally holding his baby girl!

Smiling at Three day old!
  Rivers due date was fathers day and for as active and as early as I had progressed I was for sure we'd have a baby before that day came. Well our little miss had other plans! The day started out as any other day, Wes had been home for a couple days anxiously waiting like me and everyone else. We went to his families for lunch and down to my grandparents for a later lunch. Everyone asked how I was feeling and if I thought she'd come that day. I felt fine nothing was happening just hot and miserable. After the dinner at my grandma's we went over to my parents and joked about how we were all so sure she'd be here. My cousin Jenna came over and insisted on putting doterra oils on me to induce my labor. After weeks of trying everything you could think of to induce labor and having it be my due date I was willing to try everything. after the first 30 of her putting oils on my swollen feet and ankles I began to feel contractions. Not a big deal I have had plenty of Braxton hicks along the way and was so not willing to go to the hospital to be told to go home again. lol Yes I was one of those people. Anyways she would apply the oils every 15 mins and things were starting to happened. I didn't want to tell anyone because everyone was teasing me for trying it anyways, plus I was getting my feet and ankles rubbed. After 45 mins or so they were coming on stronger so I text Wes, who was sitting on the couch next to me that I felt contractions. He laughed and showed my dad and the teasing began. We left my parents a little while later and I kept applying the oil every 15 mins until we reached Wes's parents and things were getting pretty intense. Then panic struck and I decided that I was fine with her being right where she was at and I wasn't ready for this. Well I ended up contracting every 10-15 mins through the night and I can honestly say neither Wes or I slept a wink through the night. He kept telling me lets just go to the hospital cause he didn't want to deliver in the car. I was still in denial and was fine keeping her right where she was at minus the whole contractions. Finally around 9:00 that morning I couldn't handle it anymore and I called the Doc to see if i could change my apt that day from 3:45 to something earlier, 1:30 was the earliest I could get in and still in a panic I wasn't pushing for anything quicker. Wes was scrambling putting bags,car seats, and cameras and all the things her had packed and lined up in her room for weeks in the car! (so cute). 1:30 finally came and the doc checked me and looked up at Wes and said "you guys wanna have a baby tonight," the look in Wes's eyes is something I'll never forget and the feeling I had when she said that will last in my memory forever. We hurried out of the office and rushed up to the hospital. I'm not quite sure but I think everyone on the freeway was driving extra slow and ridiculous that day. Ugh. We finally got parked and I was waddling into the elevator as fast as I could, only to wait for a much slower pregnant lady who clearly wasn't in as much pain as I was and her mother. Not wanting to be behind her I barged my way out of the elevator to the front desk only to be told to please sit on the extra hard couch and wait for just a moment while the lady messed around with papers on her desk.. No ma'am in not in labor and no I'm not in pain, just continue what you are doing! Grrr.. Wes looked extra worried as he was trying to keep me from flying off the handle. After signing and dating 20 plus papers I swear ( i think really only 2) we were finally in our room and in bed. The nurse came in and I had went from a 2-3 in the time it took to get from Payson to Provo. An hour later I was at a 4 and was told the epidural could be administered at anytime. Send him on in!  Lucky for me he was in a C- Section and finally came in 45 mins later and I was now a 5. The Anesthesiologist came in and started the epidural, they had me curl up in a ball and Wes was standing about me holding my hand. I had my chin to my chest and my eyes closed. I heard the nurse say are you ok, and I replied yes. Then she said no are you ok, I then tried to look up confused and then felt Wes lean a little more into me than he was before. I seen the nurse grab him and she was stuttering that he was fine. Never in my years of drawing blood and working at the hospital have I ever seen someone so ghostly pale. The giggles instantly kicked in and I was sure he was going to faint and I was going to be paralyzed. Moments later the epidural was in and the pain was gone. Things started to slow down after the epi was in so they started the pitosin. Around nine I was at a 10 and 100 percent complete and my water had been broke for about an hour and a half I was nervous and excited to get things started only to be told to wait for an hour and birth down.. huh? I patiently waited the hour and not a minute after the clock struck 10:15 the nurse came in and had me push. Couple sets of pushing and Rivers was moving. The nurse panicked and instructed me to stop pushing that she would grab the Doc. 15 mins went by and she peeked her head in to tell up the Doc was not there and would hopefully be there within 20 mins. Sure enough she came running in, in her gym clothes and began to cover her tennis shoes with covers and at 11:15 we started to push, Two pushes later she was out. The proud papa kept saying can you see her, can you see her?? She was absolutely perfect. They took her to get cleaned up and checked over. When I heard the nurse say call upstairs my heart had sank. The NICU came and checked her out and said she was OK. Then for the first time ever I got to hold my baby! For a split second I really think the world stopped. She looked up at me with her little beady eyes and I instantly fell so in love with her. She was gurgling and breathing really fast the nurse looked at me and called the NICU again. They decided they would take her in and do a complete check. Wes only got to hold her from my bed to the incubator 2 steps away and followed her to the NICU. After the Doc and nurse were finished with me they moved me down stairs into our room. An hour had pasted and no word from Wes, my parents, NICU or anyone at that. I started to worry the nurse came in and gave me a number to call and I was reassured that she was fine but would have to spent the night in the NICU. Wes came down and got me and we headed  up to see our sick little girl. 1 day turned into 8 long now foggy days. Rivers was diagnosed with Pneumonia after she aspirated fluid. She was treated with IV antibiotics twice a day. She was hooked up to a C-PAP machine for 4 days, a feeding tube for 6 and IV's and cords of all sorts. Wes and I were finally allowed to hold her after 3 days for only 15 mins periods twice a day. Wes was my rock. He was always positive and there when I broke. The night I was released from the hospital was terrible. We packed up our things, feed her and headed home around 11:30 p.m. , Neither on of us spoke a word the whole way home. Even though out little girl was in awesome hands its a sick empty feeling leaving them there. Our family was awesome, Rivers was never alone. After two days of having to go home with out her the Nurse gave me a room down the hall and I was able to stay with her and feed her through the night. Wes would stay with me when he was able too. It his prime time for rodeos and was back and forth alot.  It was a long 8 days, But on June 26th Rivers passed all of her tests and was finally able to come home with us!

Coming home!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My whole world!

Our Whole World

June 18th our whole world changed when this precious little girl came into our world!
Rivers Weslie Silcox was born at 11:28 p.m. 8 lbs 3oz. and 21 inches long.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ready or not here I come

Ready our not here I come!!

October 13th Wes and I recieved one of the most shocking life changing news anyone could recieve. He had just got home from surgery on his septic knee and I was feeling a little ran down, tired and extra cranky, brushing it off thinking it had just been a long week. I didn't think much of it but couldn't shake the feeling to take a pregnancy test.I always have pregnancy tests laying around and for some odd reason I decided to take one just to clear my mind. The one and only time I was brave enough to actually look at the thing, sure as sure it was positive, before the control line even showed up to be exact. I sat in the bathroom for a while in shock and didn't quite know how to break the news to Wes as he was outside the door yelling that we needed to go get his IV antibiotics. He was a little suspicious of me going in there with something clinched in my hand anyways! I decided not to say anything, but as soon as I walked out and saw him tears instantly came. To my surprise Wes was Wes and just said "huh.. Well I knew it was coming" and continued to hobble out of the house on crutches.  I was still in shock and tried to gather composure ( I have no idea why I was so upset) as we were driving down to Nephi, the car ride was silent. After a couple more tests and a few mornings of morning sickness's the shock wore off and excitement struck. Not sure of my dates and not even missing a period yet we decided to get blood work done. Later that night the doctor called me in shock and said I was indeed pregnant and my levels were sky high!!
"Sky high, "my heart sank as Wes and I were sitting in Red Robin. My levels were tripled what they were suppose to be so that either ment there was more than one (eeek) or a molar pregnancy which meant just the sack with no baby. Again I bawled (yes thats all I did the first little while) not really knowing which one to hope for. I wanted to be pregnant but not with 15 kids.. We went in for an ultrasound later that day and this is what we saw!!!

From that moment our little peanut had us wrapped around her little whatever she had at that moment!
I'm sure all of you mom's know exactly what I mean when you see your baby for the first time but it is seriously unreal. To see this little thing with a tiny heart beating is just undescribable.
Wes didn't want to tell anyone until Christmas and me not being able to keep a secret and being sick everyday all day we agreed on Thanksgiving. Well we ended up breaking the news Nov 20th. Our families were estatic and many tears and smiled were shared!
December our little peanut made her first trip to the NFR and was not a happy camper, the smoke the smells and all the above made me a hermit in our room and Wes a runner to Mcdonalds at all hours on the early morning.  We all survived and Wes had a good finals and some awesome rides despite all his injuries. January the morning sickness finally started to wear off and January 3rd we seen this!!

We found out our little monster who I was so sure was a he was actually a SHE!!!
Wes knew it the whole time and I was so sure it was a boy!! Daddy's always right... Well this time anyways!
A couple nights before we found out he was relaxing in the tub and I was laying on the couch he walked in and said "It's a girl I know it,"
Working in Radiology we were able to sneak a peek. Our little inmodest peanut was showing all she had and sure enough "he was a she"!!! You couldn't knock the smile off of her daddy's face!

Feb 9th we had another chance to take a peek of our little bundle of joy for her 20 week ultrasound. She was 15 oz and quite the little fighter. She was not happy about the prob poking at her but before the exam was finished she waved hello to her mommy and daddy!!
So in love!!

This is our baby girl at 32 weeks!! I couldn't stand it any more and snuck in for one last peek at my baby girl before she was born! All in all it was the longest 9 month with all the morning sickness's, rashes, hernia, stretchmarks (lots of tears shed over those bad boys), heart burn, and just flat out being huge I was so ready for this little girl to be born.  For 4 weeks I was at 90% and a puny 1 cm. My nose, face, lips and all the above were stretched to their max and I was a beaut.  My feet and legs were at stage 3 for adema and you could literally press on them and they would indent for a good five mins. Wes was getting into his busiest time of the year and with the doc saying she could arrive any day the last couple weeks were a little stressful. Rivers was due on Jun 17th , which happend to be Fathers Day, perfect right?? Well not for this little one, she decided she liked the 18th better, and well Wes and I did too! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sticks and stone may break my bones......

Poor Bruce had a little accident and were still not sure how he it happened but he broke his leg
pretty darn good. After 4 hours of surgery a night all by himself in a strange office.. 5 pills three times a day, no weight on his leg and being carried up and down the stairs every time he goes potty and learning to pee like a girl its been a long 4 weeks for the little guy.. Needless to say things have got much much easier and he's finally on the mend!!! Here's some picture of our poor baby!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My little trip!!

Last week I made my first little trip to Texas, the 2011 season has officially started and Texas is where its all taking place... Before Wes left in January he bought me plane tickets to fly out and visit him on valentines weekend!!! It was one of best weekends I've had in a long time. I flew into El Paso where he rode in the CBR that night, A little FYI Mexican's right by the boarder LOVE LOVE LOVE rodeos I am certain with their full little hearts... It was one of the funniest/craziest bullriding i've ever been too and that's all I will say about that. Ohh and some of their boots were seriously freaking sweet...
After the bullriding we drove 10 hours to San Antonio. I now have a lot more sympathy for Wes, driving all hours of the night is for the birds. I really don't know how he does it...For those who haven't been there San Antonio is quite the place. The rodeo is huge and really cool. Out of all my days there Valentines day was the best. We went to the river walk early in the day and Wes scored a 76 later that night.. To top it off after the rodeo we snuck back in to watch Mr. Gary Allan himself... Yes I know!!! Gary Allan!! Valentines with two of my favoritest boys how luck can I get.. All in all the trip was awesome.. Short.. but awesome and can I just say it was the greatest feeling ever to see Wes after three weeks. The butterflies I had the whole plane ride there and the excitement when he pulling into the airport make him being gone all worth it... Here's some pictures from my little trip!!

Wes was asked to be part of the opening prayer..
(this is before they started praying.. promise)

Wes doing what he does best

My cute hubby on Valentines

Mr. Gary Allan

Yes I know!!!
P.s. Wes got to meet him while walking out of the locker room, but after the concert Gary waved at me in the stands!! He was looking right at me i'm sure of it...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My husband's a star!!!

The finals have came and gone and it was an experience I will never forget. Wes had a great ending to a perfect year!! He went him first and finished second! He will never know how proud of him I am. I always knew he was quite the guy but it was awesome to see him in the eyes of the rodeo world. Plastered on walls of casinos, On every billboard his famous rides and face could be seen. I loved his cute little shy smile when fans would ask him for a autograph (which MANY did) Wes placed 5 out of 10 rounds winning the ninth round with a 90!!

My Husband Is Truely A Star!!!

More NFR pictures to come...... WHEN or IF they decide to download!!!!!

Wes's 2010 highlights!!!

2010 Extreme Bulls Champion

Won Cheyenne only bullrider to ride all 3 bulls, his last bull which had never been riden he scored a 94 on tieing the arena record .

Won Lovington New Mexico

Won Spanish Fork Feista day

Won Santa Maria Elks rodeo

Won Summit County Fair

Won Western Stampede

Won Box Elder Golden Spike

Won Ute Stampede

Won La Fiesta Tuscon Arizona!!

Am I bragging?? Well maybe just alittle bit!!!!!